5 Fun Places in Laguna

Happiness—the ever wondrous feeling we are constantly in pursuit of. What else would be an easier way to find it other than going to amusement parks, doing recreational activities, or even diving in to the extreme rides just to get your adrenaline kicking? I know, I know, these experiences might be fleeting. But these experiences are what make our lives a notch better. We forget all the bad things—whether it be an excruciating breakup with our special someone or a heartfelt word from our bosses saying we got fired. And so instead of drowning in your own tears, even just for a little bit, enjoy nothing but pure happiness in these 5 tremendously fun places in Laguna. Go on and check it out. TAKE SOME ADVENTURE!

WHAT: ENCHANTED KINGDOM (click to see location, admission, and other info)
WHERE: Sta. Rosa City Laguna
WHY: The answer is simple. The magic is here! The park is complete with rides suited for the whole family…and maybe for barkadas with different tastes in terms of the level of extremeness (let us all admit that some of us are scared of their extreme rides, thus end up riding the kiddie ones). You can forget all other things and enjoy the whole day as you will never run out of options. The park has kiddie rides, water rides, extreme rides, and even shows, fireworks and mini game booths all over to keep your fun meter on its peak.

Fun Places- Enchanted Kingdom Laguna

Photos from Enchanted Kingdom’s official Facebook Page

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Check out the latest park schedules and promos on Enchanted Kingdom! Visit: www.enchantedkingdom.ph

WHAT: SPLASH ISLAND (click to see location, admission, and other info)
WHERE: Biñan City Laguna
WHY: This is a must-visit place for those who want some extra splash of fun in their lives. It’s almost like a recreational park, but the main theme is about getting wet. The resort is perfect for families and barkadas who want a whole day of pure fun. You can drown in happiness with their cool water rides, and giant slides but if you want something different, other options such as paintball, ziplines, bungee jumping, wall climbing, and many more are also available.

Fun Places- Splash Island Laguna

Photos from Splash Island’s official Facebook page

Check out the latest schedules, events, and promos on Splash Island! Visit:www.splashisland.net

WHAT: ISDAAN RESTAURANT (click to see location, price range, and other info)
WHERE: Calauan Laguna
WHY: For those who want not only their hearts filled with tremendous fun, but also their stomach! Indulge in good food while pleasing your eyes with life size replicas of famous personalites and animated characters in this themed restaurant. Be in awe walking down the pathways while large statues of mermaids, apes, elephants, and buddhas surround you. And also, you can enjoy a boat ride and tacsiyapo*, too, while you’re at it.

*Tacsiyapo is a mini game where you throw plates, mugs, and even a TV set on the wall as a way of releasing anger.

Fun Places- Isdaan Restaurant Laguna

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WHAT: NUVALI-SOLENAD (click to see location, rates, and other info)
WHERE: Sta. Rosa City LagunaCalamba City Laguna
WHY: A place that gives you a fun time, but at the same time, a relaxing experience. The place’s wide range of activities can surely satisfy the unique kind of fun you’re searching for. You can chill out with a couple of friends in a choice of restaurants, shopping stores, organic farm tour, bird sanctuary, and on an occasional outdoor cinema. Or for a little bit of physical time, sport areas, bike rides, boat rides, fish feeding, race events, and the famous Republ1c Wakepark are also available.

Fun Places- Nuvali Solenad Laguna

Lower Right  and Lower Left Photos from Nuvali’s official Facebook Page

Check out more activities, events, and updates on Nuvali! Visit www.nuvali.ph
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WHAT: CALIRAYA RESORT CLUB (click to see location, admission, and other info)
WHERE: Caliraya Lake, Lumban Laguna
WHY: Here’s a resort where people can have a taste of what it’s like outside the city lights. You better be prepared for a load of fun as this is what Caliraya Resort Club exactly gives you, a day full of recreational activities your family and your barkada can all enjoy. Get all wet in the waterfront activities such as speed boating, jet ski, ski board, knee board, and all other kinds of boards that involves water—you name it—it’s almost all in there. If you want dry activities, name it, it’s also there. I mean–when I say tennis, basketball, volleyball—that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’re in for a lot of fun.

Fun Places- Caliraya Resort Club Laguna

Photos from Caliraya Resort Club’s official Facebook page

Check out more activities, rates, and updates on Caliraya Resort Club! Visit:www.caliraya.net
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It’s always good to celebrate the little things in life such as your successes and sometimes, even the bad things. So if you are swamped in all the work you’ve been doing for weeks, or months, be a little more forgiving to yourself because you deserve some fun…no, a tremendous amount of fun. After all, it’s the happiness that truly matters anyway. Like we always say, Hakuna Matata! Please share this article to your friends and family!

*Main image from enchantedkingdom.ph

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