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Zip lining, wall climbing, horse back riding, swimming, fishing, jet skiing – name it, they have it! This is the impression that I’ve got when I first saw their advertisement. True to its claim, Caliraya Recreation Center got almost everything you need for outdoor activities. This resort in Lumban, Laguna settles beside the well-known Caliraya Lake. The facilities they offer are perfect for group activities that can bring physical and mental challenge.
Going here is only 2-2.5 hours from Metro Manila. You can take either the route in Antipolo or the usual SLEX. If you are coming from North or East of Metro Manila, I suggest you take Antipolo Route. Personally, I also prefer Antipolo because there are no toll fee charges when going to Caliraya.
Upon reaching the resort parking lot, guests are required to ride the service boat in order to cross the lake. Do not worry about car safety because they are guarded by the resort staff.
Caliraya Recreation Center is also a Christian oriented resort.
After unpacking my stuff in our dorm room, I was very excited to start my activities. The first thing I tried was the zipline. One ride costs Php70.The zipline starting point is in the main activitiy area which ends near the Caliraya lake. It’s not that scary because it isn’t too high from the ground. Nonetheless, it was really fun. Not bad for a 70 Peso ride.
After zip lining, we were taken back by the service jeepney to the main activitiy area. The resort offers free jeepney ride for the guests because the vicinity is big and also to save time from going to one area to another.
Our next in the list – Wall Climbing! The wall climbing fee is Php225/hr. There are obstacles for the beginner, amateur and pros. My upper body strength was really tested on this one.
It was already lunch time when we finished Wall Climbing, just in time for a well-needed break! The lunch was served buffet style that is already included in the accommodation.
After indulging ourselves with the delicious food, we bum at the hanging bridge. There’s also a small playground where you can rest and take a swing.
The mudslide is just around the corner of the playground so it was the perfect time to try it. This is free so you can do this as many times as you want. It was really fun sliding down the hill and I felt like a was a youngster again rushing back and forth everytime I reach the bottom of the slide.
Be sure not to wear a white board short if you are trying this because the mud will stick and you might want to retire your short for the next outing.
After the mudslide, we stroll around to check the athletic facilities. The resort have Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis courts plus a big Swimming Pool.
Our day wouldn’t be complete without trying the water activities. We headed to the jetski station for a ride at the Caliraya Lake. The jetskis they have are not high-end so don’t expect much.
Below are the Jetski Rates:
1hr – Php2800
30 mins – Php1400
15 mins- Php800
To end my day, I tried the diving pool. I definitely enjoyed the diving board and got addicted to it.
It was already dawn when we decided to conclude the day. The moon was up early signalling us to pack our things and head back home.
We again jumped in the ferry boat and crossed the Caliraya Lake to continue the journey back home.
It was a fun-fulfilling day and I loved the activities Caliraya Recreation Center has offered. Two thumbs up for this resort!
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